100% odorless when closed


The diaper pail ESSENTIAL is a must have in the baby room. You can also use it as a normal waste bin, after diaper usage. This nappy bin is a durable alternative for the basic diaper pail.

odorless stop system

innovative bag holder

Instal the plastic bag inside the circle and make sure the top of the bag is nicely tucked in the 3 holes. The lid of the ESSENTIAL diaper pail closes of the plastic bag to prevent odors coming out.

easy to carry

with convenient handle

To carry your diaper pail anywhere you can use the convenient handle. Always ensure the top is correctly closed before you start moving the product.

3-layers non leaking bags

USE any plastic bag or the MAGIC bag

Of course you can use any bag, but if you like to have the best bag, you choose our MAGIC bag. This bag is odor and leak free and has the best fit with our products. On top of that they are made of recycled plastic.