one hand control

Avoid dangerous situations. You can control diaper changes with one hand. The diaper bin is always in a stand-by position

no refill needed

Get rid of expensive refill cassettes with the 'use any plastic bag' diaper pail. It will save you around 6x the buying price.

odor stop system

Our patented systems guarantee an odorless diaper pail. Your baby's room will always be free of nasty odors

25 diapers capacity

The capacity of our pail is around 25 newborn diapers. Not too small, but for sure also not too big, to avoid heavy containers 

use any plastic bag

You can use any plastic bag. If you like to use the best bags then choose for our MAGIC plastic bags, they are 100% leak and odor free

easy to use

Our diaper pail is always in 'stand-by' position, you can dispose your diaper immediately, to keep your baby safe

odor stop with

Diaper pail ESSENTIAL

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Our green strategy


The diaper industry is a burden on our footprint. We at Magic Baby like to make the world better; therefore, we change everything we can to make our products more sustainable.

Our green strategy is based on LESS IS MORE GREEN.

We use 100% recycled PP for our products and accessories. We have taken out all unnecessary packaging, like PP bags, but also reduced cartons for inner and outer packaging.

In total, we reduced packaging materials by 50%

Less paper, less new materials, less plastic, less ink

Our diaper pail also uses less plastic for maintenance of the diaper pail. Compared to the cassette /refill diaper pails, we only use 10% plastic.

The diaper pail is there to separate diapers from daily home waste. In this way, bringing diapers to a recycling company in your area is easy. It is the first significant step in the whole process.

Use your baby's diaper pail after diaper time as a normal waste bin with our MAGIC LID accessory.

Use our MAGIC plastic bags, perfect fit (therefore less plastic) and made of 100% recycled plastic. Unfortunately, we can’t use biodegradable bags, as they can’t hold humidity and smell for a day.