how to use the majestic?

How to use?

Diaper pail Majestic

The diaper pail is always in the open 'stand-by' position, so you can drop your diaper directly in the opening. If you like to drop it in the bin, you can turn the handle to the front and back again. Your diaper is now in the 100% odorless closed part of the pail.

how to?

Release the bag

Turn the top of the bin, by using the small side button. Now the total top including the bag can be lifted off. Turn the bag a couple of times and tear it out of the bag holder.

patented system

100% odorless

To make the pail 100% odorless we have designed a very innovative, patented solution. The drum and seal close off the pail, when in open 'stand-by' position.

Diapers can be dropped in the container by turning the drum. Always bring the pail back into 'stand-by' position, to ensure no odors can come out.

3-layers non leaking bags

USE any plastic bag or the MAGIC bag

Of course you can use any bag, but if you like to have the best bag, you choose our MAGIC bag. This bag is odor and leak free and has the best fit with our products. On top of that they are made of recycled plastic.